For the past 2 years, Playa HD has been BRC's leader in repair & service of cameras, projectors as well as providing high quality Satellite TV Service and blazing speed access to the Internet.

All Burners face the same perplexing problem while at the Burning Man Festival, the brand new camera bought just weeks before departure falls victim to Playa Dust and no longer works.  Finding out that the 3yr old camera that you hoped would make it thru another Playa season stops working just as the Critical Tits parade passes by.  Other Playa citizens are devastated without access to their day time TV Dramas, or are looking for some last minute cooking ideas via the Food Network.  Playa HD comes to the rescue!!!

Playa HD offers both New & Used equipment for sale.  We also have a large in-house technician staff that has many years of experience with the finer points of Playa infiltration into electronic gear.  Our diagnostics lab allows us to  quickly analyze the problem with your camera or video equipment, and in most cases we can do the repairs within hours or suggest a comparable piece of equipment at some of the lowest prices in Nevada.

Slow access speeds to the Internet are days gone by; now that Playa HD has secured a Gigabit Connection to the Northern Nevada Backbone. We offer blazing speed access to the Internet via satellite connection to our main tower atop Trego Mountain. Surfing speeds will be 123% faster than was achieved just one-year ago. Our satellite broadband connection will allow you to download music, share video or pictures at incredible speeds, unheard of in this remote desert location.

Playa HD offers many additional services that you have always wanted On-Playa. 
Make sure to come by and see us just behind Center Camp at Burning Man 2010.

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